About us


go for om it´s a young enterprise which accompanies and supports mankind/people on their journey through the current change of consciousness.

The go for om - philosophy is "made in Austria".

Our products are made by people who have found our path with a purpose and not just by chance.

This explains, that the SPIRIT of OM has attracted a variety of the right people.

May it be the graphic designers, the printer, the goldsmith and other artists, the translators and many more.

Our workshops are chosen on the basis of special spiritual principles,

which are:


The Spirit of Life          The Spirit of Love      

              The Spirit of Everything


All the products available at go for om are filled with love, joy and clarity.

They contain an universal truth and the way to be.


I´m happy to answer your questions under hello@goforom.com or via my mobile Tel.Nr. 0043 660 8100400